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MFG development industrial design

Manufacturing Development and Industrial Design.
* Design and Engineering of concepts.
* Creating functional and logical “Conceptual Looks”.
* AGDE specializes and focuses in coming up with extremely unique methodologies for patenting in front of the P.T.O. (Patent & Trademark Office).
* Usually performed subsequent to (and based upon) patent-ability searches.
* Our due diligence in patent searching is necessary for citing and then refining your product’s development.

At Advance Graphics Design and Development Corp (AGD&D Corp.), we can take your invention from conception, design it fully and engineer it to build your prototype and then take it to production and manufacturing. We feel it best to produce Product Test Runs (in smaller runs initially) as this help prove and correct design anomalies that only real people can find and evaluate through normal usage. These end users then provide proper feedback for optimizing the manufacturing cycle.
AGD&D Corp’s manufacturing, development and Industrial Design is taken a step or two beyond the norm, as we want to help you realize your product’s fullest potentials. We engineer for cost effective production runs with fully designed and appealing product packaging. Short, midrange or large runs, are done as efficiently as possible to make your manufacturing experience as productive as possible. Our experience has a proven track record with existing products.
There are many manufacturing levels of production design that can take many roads and at times it can be very discerning which is the correct one. We take incremental though progressive steps in your product’s evolution to the market and this is accomplished through real-time manufacturing and production tooling experience. It is essential for establishing your proper paths leading to market. Our USA / United States based firm provides personalized services with every necessary building step of the product development stages, thus helping you realize your idea’s greatest potentials in uniqueness, style, functionality and packaging.