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Manufacturing Design and Development firm of Conceptual Designs

new product design and development

Our firm, AGD&D Corp will, after signing a nondisclosure for your protection, listen to your thoughts wholly.  Your idea and thoughts behind and leading up to it are extremely important in guiding our directions we potentially would take in making your invention a reality.  We are a Manufacturing Design and Development firm of Conceptual Designs.  We will make absolutely certain we understand why you came up with your idea and this again allows our professional team of engineers and designers along with our industrial manufacturing specialist to focus and tune in on “your idea” in a profound way.  We sincerely take your all your thoughts and evaluate the feasibility of the varying methods we might choose in producing your concept.  Our Nondisclosure Document initially establishes a preliminary intellectual protection and trail of hard documents you can refer back to at any time to review and confirm.


Once we have had a little time to digest, study and evaluated your new product’s purpose more fully, we then will generate a proposal concerning its development costs and associated stages.  We usually and initially discuss your concept’s patentability with you in reviewing with the patent & trademark office along with assessing what is in the current market.  We never want to design existing technology, we always want to make yours even more unique if feasible in the long run.  
Manufacturing Design and Development firm

Along with what we have listed above, we also will discuss the plausibility of your idea and the types of manufacturing tooling we would require to fit those needs & requirements.  This benefits all of us additionally as your potential manufacturer, we also have somewhat of a vested interest in making all go as smoothly as possible.  For you as the inventor, we as the manufactures and of course the customer who eventually will purchase your idea.  Advance Graphics Design & Development Corp concentrates intensely on these matters in order to place your product in its proper category and eventual market slot.  Concepts and conceptual thoughts are both one and the same depending on who thought of them first, Why not be the first one to potentially bring your concept to market by having it designed and developed fully by our team.  We will go to great strides in making certain your idea works cost effective for mfg. which in turn opens a larger window of profit for you in the end.