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I have a new idea invention to build what to do next

I have a new idea invention to build, what to do next?


If you have a new idea for an invention, let the professionals at A.G.D & D Corp. help in making it a reality for you!

There is a Promise as Our Trade-Mark is Where Concepts Become Reality.

First, we will provide necessary guidance by reviewing your concept with you thoroughly to understand all your thoughts & concerns. We will then perform a sincere Patentability and Marketability Search before moving forward, This will determined proper directions, avenues & venues to take!

Results from our Search will lead to our Industrial Design of your concept which in turn will direct our paths to producing a real time manufacture-able & cost effective product in the end. Once our Industrial Design is completed, our efforts will lead to an aesthetically pleasing and functionality unique product. Thus leading to placing your concept in front of The Patent and Trademark Office for your intellectual protection.

After the our Industrial Design, comes our Engineering for Fabrication a Proof Of Design Prototype and Test Module. And this can be accomplished simultaneously while also processing our efforts for PTO

After our Prototype Development is proven and we have confirmation from you the inventor, we take our efforts for your product’s development to its next level of manufacturing tooling, leading to small or large production runs.

We are a Turnkey Co. for all your new product design and development needs.

Thank you, Prof. Jim Bordonaro