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have an idea for a new invention New York Long Island

I have an idea for a new invention in New York, Long Island.

We take every measure to personally assist you in every aspect of your new product idea and invention and with your approval, initially assisting with a thorough patentability (p) and market (m) search, to establish a firm foundation for not infringing on another’s awarded patent and /or existing product.  From our P&M search, it is important to then take what we have learned and input our experienced Industrial design team’s talents and uniquely detail an aesthetically pleasing and functional three dimensional (3D) computer model.  We then usually fine tune & tweak the computer model to build a proof-of-design prototype (PT).  During these preliminary stages, we can file a provisional patent to initially protect your intellectual conceptual rights while under development. Once our PT is proven, we will then engineer tooling for actual manufacturing (mfg), along with product packaging.  Our production development can be tailored for small runs allowing initial consumer testing (feedback) prior to large mfg runs that allow for optimum cost effective production and placement into the world’s market place.

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