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MFG Engineering & Services. Autodesk * Modeling Programs: “Inventor”. “Mechanical Desktop”. “AutoCAD”. * CAD Systems & Services offered.


Computer Modeling Design

MFG Engineering & Services. Computer Modeling Design. * Developing functional & logical computerized models / renderings. * Actual photographs of the computer models produced. * Animations reflecting actual movement – funtionality of components and its’ sub-assemblies. * Proving out and animating the mechanics of the design. * Demostrating Concept as […]


Electro-Mechanical MFG Development Service

Electro-Mechanical MFG Development Service   AGD&D Corp will accommodate you and your project, be it large, small or anywhere in-between and help you to analyze your product’s real market potential.  By this, we mean “identify” your new idea’s feasibility: Methods for deriving plausible solutions for functionalities and just how your invention might work […]


Rapid Prototyping for​ MFG Development Service

Rapid Prototyping for​ MFG Development Service   AGD&D Corp requires providing a proof of design in their design efforts which​ is typically called a “Prototype” and this is automatically incorporated as one of our main, though of many phases in any product design-development project.  This additionally pans out in proving our […]


Product Development New York

Product Development New York.   Though Advance Graphics Design & Development Corp. is located & based on Long Island, our firm’s new product design, development and engineering coverage extends far West, North, South and East of New York City proper.  Reaching into Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia and upstate NY, but not limiting to […]


MFG development industrial design

Manufacturing Development and Industrial Design. * Design and Engineering of concepts. * Creating functional and logical “Conceptual Looks”. * AGDE specializes and focuses in coming up with extremely unique methodologies for patenting in front of the P.T.O. (Patent & Trademark Office). * Usually performed subsequent to (and based upon) patent-ability […]



Samples < back          Car-Arm-Restor          next > Advance Graphics Design Engineering & Development Corp’s Industrial design of this unique concept added many features to its already base line thought or resting your arm while traveling. Car-Arm-Restor’s features include; a form fitting, adaptable unit […]


Personal Electronic Transport System

Personal Electronic Transport System < back                   Personal Transporter Design                    next >     (PETS) Our personal transportation product’s design was the first in its’ gender. We believe to help established a base-line of now existing products of personal transportation devices. One […]