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new product engineering firm New York affordable trusted design company NY

  We are a Long Island, New York based Engineering firm providing cost effective New Product Development (NPD) & very affordable design services for small or large companies as well as inventors.  We have been a part of our customers’ companies for over 2 decades now in ensuring their competitive edge in […]


have an idea for new product

  Many successful products had their origins from lots of ideas before one idea became successful and makes all the difference.  Proper development and execution of an idea has always been the key to finding that one unique idea for a new product that can suddenly become a household name.  […]


NYC Best Have Idea New Product Design Development Engineering Company NY

    When picking a New York Product Design & Development Engineering Firm, it is always best to determine one best fitted your needs, and sometimes leaving this open ended can be a benefit in more ways than you might imagine.  Your assurance of a firm following best practices in […]


need design build have an idea develop new product services new york nyc

    Do you have need for a firm providing new product design or development for your New Idea?  We are a Long Island based company in New York with over 2 decades of professional assistance to companies and even individual inventors or businessmen.  If you have an idea and […]

new product design and development

Manufacturing Design and Development firm of Conceptual Designs

Our firm, AGD&D Corp will, after signing a nondisclosure for your protection, listen to your thoughts wholly.  Your idea and thoughts behind and leading up to it are extremely important in guiding our directions we potentially would take in making your invention a reality.  We are a Manufacturing Design and […]

company helping product design and development

New York Manufacturing and Product Development

New York Manufacturing and Product Development   Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation’s (AGD&D Corp.) main headquarters are based in New York.  We have affiliates varying from diverse vendors and manufactures, along with having even more diverse clients with wonderful conceptual thoughts of new ideas.  We have product distribution centers […]


new invention ideas and what to do with it

New invention ideas and what to do with it.   If you have an Idea for a New Invention, next thing you think to yourself, “I need to know what do with it“.   When that light bulb goes off in your head with a new idea and you ask yourself, “what can I do […]


I have a new idea invention to build what to do next

I have a new idea invention to build, what to do next?   If you have a new idea for an invention, let the professionals at A.G.D & D Corp. help in making it a reality for you! There is a Promise as Our Trade-Mark is Where Concepts Become Reality™. […]


Helicopter Rotor Mechanism

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Tooling for Leeder Meter

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