Manufacturing Design and Development firm of Conceptual Designs

Manufacturing Design and Development firm of Conceptual Designs


Our firm, AGD&D Corp will, after signing a nondisclosure for your protection, listen to your thoughts wholly.  Your idea and thoughts behind and leading up to it are extremely important in guiding our directions we potentially would take in making your invention a reality.  We are a Manufacturing Design and Development firm of Conceptual Designs.  We will make absolutely certain we understand why you came up with your idea and this again allows our professional team of engineers and designers along with our industrial manufacturing specialist to focus and tune in on “your idea” in a profound way.  We sincerely take your all your thoughts and evaluate the feasibility of the varying methods we might choose in producing your concept.  Our Nondisclosure Document initially establishes a preliminary intellectual protection and trail of hard documents you can refer back to at any time to review and confirm.


Once we have had a little time to digest, study and evaluated your new product’s purpose more fully, we then will generate a proposal concerning its development costs and associated stages.  We usually and initially discuss your concept’s patentability with you in reviewing with the patent & trademark office along with assessing what is in the current market.  We never want to design existing technology, we always want to make yours even more unique if feasible in the long run.

Manufacturing Design and Development firm

Along with what we have listed above, we also will discuss the plausibility of your idea and the types of manufacturing tooling we would require to fit those needs & requirements.  This benefits all of us additionally as your potential manufacturer, we also have somewhat of a vested interest in making all go as smoothly as possible.  For you as the inventor, we as the manufactures and of course the customer who eventually will purchase your idea.  Advance Graphics Design & Development Corp concentrates intensely on these matters in order to place your product in its proper category and eventual market slot.  Concepts and conceptual thoughts are both one and the same depending on who thought of them first, Why not be the first one to potentially bring your concept to market by having it designed and developed fully by our team.  We will go to great strides in making certain your idea works cost effective for mfg. which in turn opens a larger window of profit for you in the end.

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New York Manufacturing and Product Development

New York Manufacturing and Product Development


Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation’s (AGD&D Corp.) main headquarters are based in New York.  We have affiliates varying from diverse vendors and manufactures, along with having even more diverse clients with wonderful conceptual thoughts of new ideas.  We have product distribution centers that spans over the entire United States and can have new products produced and fabricated worldwide, along with being shipped to any destination in the free world accordingly.  We are proud of our history and track record of keeping clients satisfied in turning their concepts into a real time and world reality.


We are capable of engineering testing and fabricating cost effective production tooling for new or modified and existing products which can also extend your patent protection.  We have demonstrated this over and over again in our history of new and existing manufacturing and product design and development for our clients worldwide.  AGD&D Corp along with building your test of design prototype production sampling module, will also produce your product’s end packaging.  Our firm specializes in packaging and we purposely design aesthetics to be not only functional but pleasing to a person’s eye.  This usually proves to be a tremendous factor in your end product’s market & selling features as this helps to attract a person’s eye while generally walking the store’s aisles and possibly sparking an interest in them enough to consider looking, reviewing and purchasing your product, which only (relatively speaking) a short while ago was a conceptual thought you generated.


Your “Idea” or thought was born from necessity, or just came to you one day and whatever your story, we will help you realize this thought more fully in the end with a real and functional product that is packaged professionally and ready to be sold once your patent protection is in place.  Selling a product can be achieved in many fashions and we can help direct you be it through trade magazines, internet driven sales and potentially in real stores such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Model’s and so on and on .

 New York Manufacturing and Product Development


Though we are described as a New York Manufacturing and Product Design & Development Firm, we can and will assist wherever you are located as we are always Mobile via Phone, Fax, Email, Skype, Windows Messenger and any and all other Internet venues available to each of us.  Call or email initially and we can set up a Nondisclosure document to set the groundwork and then discuss your idea fully.  Once this is accomplished, we will be better equipped to understand your idea to present a valid proposal and timeline to complete and develop you invention.

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new invention ideas and what to do with it

New invention ideas and what to do with it.


If you have an Idea for a New Invention, next thing you think to yourselfI need to know what do with it.   When that light bulb goes off in your head with a new idea and you ask yourself, what can I do next to bring this great new invention to fruition?”.  You would probably think long and hard about what processes are involved in any new product development.  But foremost for your dreams to be realized, following these goals and certain concerns must be accomplished first.  You must first consider having a valid patent search performed that is not just generically and superficial, but more in-depth, wherein a search which dwells deeply into multiple sub-classes to reach more valid and potential reasons why cited patents were granted to begin with.  This patentability research becomes an essential part of the product design to development equation for it could or should prove very positive for you and your invention no matter what directions it might lead you to take.


If you want to take your invention to its most feasible level in the market as a new product, you must have it industrially designed first to establish your concept’s looks and functionality.  Then you must produce a working proof of design, which is normally called a prototype.  AGD&D Corp., will help you in these initial phases and much further down the road to realize your invention’s fullest potential  and we will additionally assist you in your patent processing to protect your intellectual protection.

new invention ideas


Our team of professionals make certain if you allow, that all aspects of product design, development engineering , prototyping, patenting, packaging and finally production manufacturing for an end product to be shipped and distributed anywhere in the world for retailing stores to sell on their shelves and or through internet sales marketing and with final deliveries to end customers.  Come to Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation (Call or Email us), as we will be your Turnkey solution for all phases of your new idea, concept and invention product design and full packaging development firm.  There is a great deal involved with any new concept’s development, but our team of experienced professionals will make your idea come to a real world reality for all to enjoy.

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I have a new idea invention to build what to do next

I have a new idea invention to build, what to do next?


If you have a new idea for an invention, let the professionals at A.G.D & D Corp. help in making it a reality for you!

There is a Promise as Our Trade-Mark is Where Concepts Become Reality.

First, we will provide necessary guidance by reviewing your concept with you thoroughly to understand all your thoughts & concerns. We will then perform a sincere Patentability and Marketability Search before moving forward, This will determined proper directions, avenues & venues to take!

Results from our Search will lead to our Industrial Design of your concept which in turn will direct our paths to producing a real time manufacture-able & cost effective product in the end. Once our Industrial Design is completed, our efforts will lead to an aesthetically pleasing and functionality unique product. Thus leading to placing your concept in front of The Patent and Trademark Office for your intellectual protection.

After the our Industrial Design, comes our Engineering for Fabrication a Proof Of Design Prototype and Test Module. And this can be accomplished simultaneously while also processing our efforts for PTO

After our Prototype Development is proven and we have confirmation from you the inventor, we take our efforts for your product’s development to its next level of manufacturing tooling, leading to small or large production runs.

We are a Turnkey Co. for all your new product design and development needs.

Thank you, Prof. Jim Bordonaro

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Helicopter Rotor Mechanism


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Rotor Assembly.


50h08-14 g2raptor5

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Tooling for Leeder Meter


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Some Tooling Used In Production Parts Produced By Advance Graphics Design & Engineering LLC.


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Tap Cap


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Special Cap Used In Bar Room Keg’s Spouts.


PerspFinalWithSleeve01B No blue line expanded

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Specialized Emergency Bag


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Special Emergency Bag To Be Disclosed @ Later Date.


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Exerise Shoe Slipper Castings


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Castings Created To Help Develop New Exercise Shoe.


ES Casted Feet To Help Build Prototypes

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Rectract A Vac


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Retract-a-vac View05ARetract-a-vac View01A Retract-a-vac View02CCopy of Retract-a-vac View03C

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