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We Engineer for Inventors their Ideas and Concepts along with Pro-Se Patent Applicants while additionally providing for Cost Effective Production Tooling (Small through Large Quantities) in the same product development process, thereby increasing Your Bottom Line & Profit Margin. We at AGDE.com personally assists in Product Engineering, Development and Design of your New Concepts, Ideas & Inventions and do provide these services remotely worldwide and face to face here in Long Island, New York, NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania.

MFG Development and Industrial Design

Industrial Design is just so important to the Product Development of any New Idea or Concept for it is essential in establishing a foundation in its Form and would be Function. We provide Cost Effective Industrial Design with the aid of modern computer graphics and industrial technologies. It is our job to ensure that because of the design and creation of Rapid Prototypes, the Mass Production Costs are kept at minimal, making sure our client's end product are accepatable and is Competitively Priced in the Market.

Patents and Trademarks

Intellectual Protection should be foremost of your concern when you come up with an IDEA for a New Product or Invention and it would be wise not to discuss with entities other than those Professional and reputable Firms wiling to submit a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete document on your behalf prior to any discussions taking place. We are bounded by State and Moral Laws to the secrecy of your IDEA and thoughts. We also offer diligent assistance in extensive patent research to ensure your idea has “Potentially” no cited claims within PTO and market place.

About Us

We are a full generation engineering group for New Product ideas or Enhancement of Existing products in Long Island, New York, USA. Let us bring your new idea and new product invention’s Concept To Reality®. Established since 1990, We have in-house Engineers and Professionals ready to assist businesses and even individuals with their new product inventions and innovations. We also provide assistance for full and comprehensive Patent Search and Filing of your Idea to ensure you Don't Lose any Rights to your Intellectual Property..

Do you have an ingenious design idea but don't know how to implement it?

Advance Graphics and Design Engineering (AGDE) is a product design and development company in Long Island, New York City that assists clients in materializing brilliant and innovative new invention or product ideas. Our core business is cutting-edge computer modelling and design engineering technology for product and invention development. Our brand of product design service revolves around constructing realistic visual models and bringing into existence remarkable products worthy of patents. We have hosted various projects, clients and vendors throughout the years wherein, our main focus is product development with a full generation engineering team for New Product ideas or Enhancement of Existing ones! With our professional help as a new idea and new product invention turnkey firmlet us bring your Concept To Reality®. Established in late 1990, we have been in business and have since grown to corporate level and are affiliated with many production and manufacturing firms throughout the United States and other countries, worldwide. Working the best solutions for you, we can be large enough to compliment your engineering requirements in producing high-run, cost effective tooling and production requirements and be Small Enough to provide personal (one on one) service in walking you through every step of your product idea's evolution. Importantly, we will assist in your concept’s intellectual protection by helping you file your invention or idea with the Patent Office (USPTO). Contact Us.

Our Services

You have an Idea for a new invention and just do not know what to do next? Many inventors go through the same thought process wherein, they think of something unique and how it could help an existing everyday process, but just don't know how to proceed in making their newly envisioned dream, a reality. This is a dilemma of most creative and lay folks, not knowing the business of product development confront. Well we are the answer to your Prayers. As every Inventor needs a solution to take their idea to fruition. To make it a reality We are every inventor's Turnkey Solution for helping making your dream come to a reality. It is an important process to follow in taking the proper steps and we are here to help guide you every step of the way.

Product Design & Development Full Turn Key Firm

Let us be your new Product Design & Development Solution to conceptualize Ideas beaming in your head and the thoughts illuminating deep within your mind. We can assist your concept to becoming a reality, bring it to fruition and make it shine. Let us help guide this inspiring light and assist technically in doing it right, for this is what we do, from soup to nuts, covering all with costs and effectively with production tooling thru packaging, we can minimize your costs. Turn Key & Personal, is our motto and attitude being thorough with your idea well into Tomorrow.

Engineering & Design Services Prototyping

A full Engineering Group, we provided full engineering, design & fabrication services with personal assistance every step of the way, bringing your concept to life, your invention to reality. We are experts in Ideas, it's what we do. In helping someone realize their dreams, of course what is required is a very special set of skills. Skills set within those and of talented men and woman, not only who are proficient in the disciplines required one can say skilled as an artiste, for it is an art to do well in delivering your end product. That is to be acceptable and very competitively priced after low cost mass production.

Industrial Design, Developing Concept’s Form and Function

Industrial Design is an important aspect to any product’s fabrication. Aesthetics, an end user-function with ease of use. Producing products for cost effective manufacturing is a task that can be arduous at the very least and producing a product in a cost effective manner, helps open the window even further for the profit’s end margin. Industrial Design, establishes an institution to build and base your product from. It allows us to grow incrementally with systematic recourse, wherein a pleasing to “Hold, Feel and See” product can make the difference in the world’s market.

Patenting Assistance

Intellectual Protection Patenting, Copyright and Trademarking is an important process before any new product’s evolution & development. Establishing fortification of paper trails with proper entities prior to design & during its developmental stages, systematically helps Protect the Inventor’s Intellectual Property. We assist in these phases in a cost effective manner while guiding your product up to its final & ultimate protection and development. This ensures your Idea is truly safe and can not be stolen from you, avoiding legal troubles and huge loss of money should your idea be challenged with the USPTO.


Why trust us with your Idea and let us develop it

We have a one stop shop for all your needs to realize your Idea's form and function to become a reality. We will give you best Professional Advise on how to Protect your ingenious Idea, help you design it into form using the aid of modern computer 3D graphics and produce a prototype acceptable for patent filing with the USPTO. Before we file your patent, we will provide thorough Patent Research on your idea to ensure you don't have a duplicate that already exist. Remember, just because you haven't heard or seen a product doesn't mean someone hasn't already thought about it and filed for Patent.

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